A Blockchain Reward System in a Multiplayer VR Martian Simulation


F. Monaco et al. (2020), JBIS73, pp.70-72

Refcode: 2020.73.70
Keywords: Blockchain, Gamification, Mars, Simulation, VR

Space technologies are being developed and combined at the fastest pace. In this paper, Blockchain technology and virtual reality are being considered more than just developed side by side as possible solutions to visualize and run transactions. Virtual reality makes it possible to explore and experience places and situations, as happens for space simulations. A Martian city simulation program is being run as training for analogue astronauts by virtual reality solutions used in harsh conditions and microgravity. Blockchain can be used as a tool to certify and make available the results of these experiments. Gamification and simulation for virtual reality multiplayer environments could soon become an added value in bootstrapping motivation and increase quality of performances given the competition and collaboration context created by real-life tokenism, and the Blockchain can certify this activity.