A Mission Architecture And Systems Level Design Of Navigation, Robotics And Grappling Hardware for an On-Orbit Servicing Spacecraft


W. Easdown. (2021), JBIS, 74, pp.83-90

Refcode: 2021.74.83


On-orbit servicing (OOS) is seen as a key development theme for the future space sector, given its influence on issues such as space traffic management and enabling of new satellite applications. This report will investigate the current state of the art in OOS and which technologies require further development to enable widespread adoption of OOS. A mission architecture to support OOS of satellites in the highest populated orbits will be described. Using this architecture, the report will focus on the selection of hardware required for guidance, navigation and control (GNC), for relative navigation towards and docking with the target satellite and of robotics to service the target. The report will use the design of the OneWeb satellites as a baseline for the target spacecraft but will also show how the servicing spacecraft’s services could be applied to a range of orbits and target spacecraft.