An Earth-Moon-Mars Passenger Transport Pyramid


S. Ashworth (2018), JBIS71, pp.165-177

Refcode: 2018.71.165
Keywords: Space exploration, Space settlement, Space transport architectures, Moon, Mars, Robert Zubrin, Mars Semi-Direct

A transport pyramid is a pattern of activity in which shorter, cheaper journeys are made more frequently than longer, more expensive ones. This pattern is applied to passenger transport between Earth, low and high Earth orbits, the Moon and Mars, with implications for how the setting up of such a network should be approached, and the likely timeline for the successful emergence of different elements. Since architectures for human access to the Moon and Mars are still in flux, the author’s own architecture solutions are used for these parts of the transport network. Drawing on the work of Zubrin, Weaver and others, the plan for human access to Mars presented here is described as Mars Semi-Direct Heavy.