Communication, SETI and Strategies


R. S. Lightfoot et al. (2015), JBIS68, pp.167-171

Refcode: 2015.68.167

Herein is a synopsis of the discussion and major conclusions of TVIW 2014’s “C-for-Commo” working track, as well as recommendations for strategies regarding communication with non-human intelligence (NHI). The most significant and unexpected hence valuable outcome was the realization by the participants that detection and interpretation of CETI signals are major problems that cannot wait until First Contact to be dealt with. Of these, interpretation is much harder. By pure coincidence, this finding is almost identical to the consensus of the “Communicating across the Cosmos” conference conducted by the SETI Institute on the other side of the USA at the same time, unbeknownst to Track C’s participants. Problems of communication even within the human race are examined, along with possible differences in format and morés on NHI. Conclusions and recommendations for low-cost but achievable ways of exploring and advancing this topic that were reported out to the full Workshop by the track’s participants are presented here.