Defining Intelligence-Favouring Galactic Parameters For Targeted SETI Searches


G. S. Robertshaw. (2021), JBIS, 74, pp.42-46

Refcode: 2021.74.42


Life-bearing planets transiting through the Milky Way’s dark matter (DM) dense galactic mid-plane (GMP) are subjected to cyclical extinction events (CEEs) that may foster the emergence of intelligent life. This paper develops the hypothesis further with evidence to show that the probability of intelligent life emerging is proportional to the number of GMP transits. The host star’s orbital dynamics, metallicity and distance from the galactic centre place additional parameters around the emergence of intelligence-favouring niches, consistent with the concept of a galactic habitable zone. The findings suggest that the emergence of intelligent life is rare, cyclical and confined to specific host stars in a particular region within the GMP. Observations of signal beacons from specific types of stars within the proposed galactic region compared to those outside the region could provide indirect evidence of alien transmissions.