Design for a Mars Surface Habitat with Parts made from Locally Produced Glass


B. Lansdorp; K. von Bengtson (2006), JBIS59, 313-318

Refcode: 2006.59.313
Keywords: Mars habitats, ISRU, glass

This paper presents a simple and cost effective way to make large habitats on Mars. The envisioned habitat will be constructed from prefabricated parts and local materials. While constructing the entire habitat from local materials is unfeasible for early missions, this design can be implemented during the very first manned mission. The proposed habitat will have a cylindrical shape and will consist of three parts: semispherical aluminium end caps, an aluminium cylindrical middle part and a cylindrical part made from locally produced glass. The semispherical end caps and the aluminium middle part will be launched from Earth and contain all equipment, interfaces and docking ports. The cylindrical glass part will consist of a number of cylindrical segments that are made from the regolith. The regolith will first be treated such that it only contains the elements needed for clear glass. These elements will be melted and poured into a mold. This will result in a strong glass material. The cylindrical parts will be combined and placed in between the two semispherical end cabs. In this way a spacious habitat of more than 200 m2 can be constructed with only a single shape of locally produced constructive elements.