Detecting Extraterrestrial Civilisations using Artificial Singularity Power Systems


R. Zubrin (2019), JBIS72, pp.287-292

Refcode: 2019.72.287

It is probable that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations would make use of power systems considerably more potent than any we now employ. The most effective power system that our current theoretical physics allows would be direct conversion of matter into energy. Such conversion would be enabled by Artificial Singularity Power (ASP) engines, which generate energy through the evaporation of modest sized (108-1011 kg) black holes created through artificial means. This paper discusses the design and potential advantages of such systems for powering large space colonies, terraforming planets, and propelling starships, and examines the possibility of detecting advanced extraterrestrial civilizations via the optical signature of ASP systems. It is found that ASPs might be detected by examining existing Hubble photographs, where they would appear as distant M-dwarfs, but manifesting parallax, as in fact they would be much closer. Speculation as to possible cosmological consequences of widespread employment of ASP engines is also considered.