ET Probes, Nodes and Landbases: A Proposed Galactic Communications Architecture and Implied Search Strategies


J. Gertz (2018), JBIS71, pp.375-381

Refcode: 2018.71.375
Keywords: SETI, ET, Nodes, Probes, Lurkers, Fermi’s Paradox

Land-based beacons, information laden probes sent into our solar system, and more distal communication nodes have each been proposed as the most likely means by which we might be contacted by ET. Each method, considered in isolation from ET’s point of view, has limitations and flaws. An overarching galactic communication architecture that tethers together probes, nodes, and land bases is proposed as a better overall solution. From this more efficient construct flows several conclusions: (a) Earth has been thoroughly surveilled, (b) Earth will be contacted in due course, (c) seti beyond half the distance that Earth’s EM has reached (~35-50 LY) is futile, and (d) the very quiescence of the galaxy paradoxically implies that that Drake’s N = many, and that there is a system of galactic governance. Search strategies are proposed to detect the described probe-node-land based communications network.