High Density Liquid Rocket Boosters for the Space Shuttle


S.S. Pietrobon (1999), JBIS52, 163-168

Refcode: 1999.52.163

The use of high density hydrogen peroxide/kerosene liquid rocket boosters (LRB) for the Space Shuttle is investigated as a replacement for the existing solid rocket boosters (SRB). It is shown that hydrogen peroxide/kerosene outperforms both solids, LOX/Kero, and LOX/LH2 as a general booster propellant due to its high density and moderate exhaust speed. With the same propellant mass and size as that of the current SRB’s, computer simulations indicate that payload mass can be increased by a third from 24,950 kg to 33,140 kg for a 28.45°, 203.7 km circular orbit. Recovery of the boosters is performed at sea.