Icarus Institute for Interstellar Sciences (IIIS)


B. Cress (2012), JBIS65, 306-309

Refcode: 2012.65.306
Keywords: Research Institute, Interstellar Research Institute, Scientific Research Facility, Laboratory For Interstellar Research and studies

In this paper, a vision for a proposed interstellar research center, to be developed in the United States, will be presented. The major focus will be on an innovative approach to the planning and achieving a new sustainable world class facility devoted to the technologies and various science missions of multi-disciplined teams reaching for the stars. The project will provide the personnel, feature sets, facilities and equipment needed to initiate and support an aggressive program of advanced interstellar vehicle and propulsion design and implementation. Also shared will be personal insights and economic considerations gained during prior planning for a private research institute in Nevada, home to more than 300 international scientists. The views expressed in this discussion paper are the personal views of the author and not necessarily representing the entire Icarus team.