Lost in Time and Lost in Space: The Consequences of Temporal Dispersion for Exosolar Technological Civilisations


D. Moore (2010), JBIS63, pp.294-302

Refcode: 2010.63.294
Keywords: SETI, Extraterrestrial Technological Civilisation, Exogalactic, Infrared excess, Fermi Paradox

Much effort has gone into examining the ramifications of exosolar technological civilisations’ spatial dispersion in our galaxy; however, the consequences of the enormous gulf in time that can separate exosolar technological civilisations’ (ETCs) origins have not been studied as thoroughly. In this paper, simple models of the formation rates of ETCs are used to test our assumptions about their frequency and location. These conclusions are then combined with previously published chronologically dependent models involving ETCs’ spread throughout the galaxy and their growth in energy consumption to draw distribution limits that are compatible with the Fermi paradox. From these conclusions revised search strategies for ETCs are suggested.