Publicly Open Virtualized Gaming Environment For Simulation of All Aspects Related to “100 Year Starship Study”


V. Astakhov; P. Astakhov; T. Astakhova (2012), JBIS65, 320-324

Refcode: 2012.65.320
Keywords: Space mission, Computer games, Star travel, Citizen scientist, Imagination

Sending a mission to distant stars will require our civilization to develop new technologies and change the way we live. The complexity of the task is enormous [1] thus, the thought is to involve people from around the globe through the “citizen scientist” paradigm. The suggestion is a “Gaming Virtual Reality Network” (GVRN) to simulate sociological and technological aspects involved in this project. Currently there is work being done [2] in developing a technology which will construct computer games within GVRN. This technology will provide quick and easy ways for individuals to develop game scenarios related to various aspects of the “100YSS” project. People will be involved in solving certain tasks just by play games. Players will be able to modify conditions, add new technologies, geological conditions, social movements and assemble new strategies just by writing scenarios. The system will interface with textual and video information, extract scenarios written in millions of texts and use it to assemble new games. Thus, players will be able to simulate enormous amounts of possibilities. Information technologies will be involved which will require us to start building the system in a way that any modules can be easily replaced. Thus, GVRN should be modular and open to the community.