Rockets in the Schlesvig-Holstein War 1848-1850


H-D. Fricke (1999), JBIS52, 273-275

Refcode: 1999.52.273

The mid-19th century was a lot busier period of rocketry activities than is generally realised. The war 1848-1850 in the tiny German duchies of Schleswig and Holstein (here called Schlesvig-Holstein)against Denmark is a case in point, in which both sides used war rockets, as well as allied states around them and there were also numerous “inventors” or improvers of rocket hardware who plied their “trade” in as many countries as they could. The author of this article is a lieutenant-colonel (Oberst- Leutnant) in the German Army whose avocation has been to track down the technology, development, and usage of these early gunpowder war rockets of the Congreve-Hale era of rocketry in the 19th century and is working on a book entitled “Geschichte der Kriegsraketen und der Raketenartillerie im 19. Jahrhundert” scheduled for publication late 1999 early 2000.