Space Propulsion Systems Utilising Ignition of Microexplosion by Distant Microexplosion….


M.L. Shmatov (2000), JBIS53, 62-72

Refcode: 2000.53.62

Ignition of microexplosions in a magnetic reflector and on the symmetry axis of a pusher plate by microexplosions ignited by guided “outer” strikers at a distance of the order of 1-10 meters at the side of a space vehicle is proposed. The use of several microexplosions ignited by the ignition of one microexplosion to optimise expansion of the plasma arising from the propellant is proposed. The problems relating to ignition of microexplosions by non-coherent X-rays from a microexplosion are considered. Fast ignition (i.e. heating the relatively cold compressed thermonuclear fuel) by focused non-coherent X-rays from a microexplosion or by X- ray laser pulse(s) generated by a microexplosion is proposed. The influence of thermonuclear neutrons from an igniting microexplosion on the remaining fuel capsules is estimated. Protection of these capsules by elongated shields is proposed.