Stellar Engines for Kardashev’s Type II Civilisations


V. Badescu; R. B. Cathcart (2000), JBIS53, 297-306

Refcode: 2000.53.297
Keywords: Cosmic civilisations, stellar energy, stellar impulse, Dyson Sphere.

The original concept of a stellar engine is introduced and defined in this paper as a device that uses an important part of a star’s resources to generate exergy. A classification of stellar engines is proposed. A class A stellar engine uses the impulse of the radiation emitted by a star to produce a thrust force. A class B stellar engine uses the energy of the radiation emitted by a star to generate mechanical power. A class C stellar engine is defined in this paper as a combination of both class A and class B stellar engines. Class A and C stellar engines are associated with an increase in a star’s photosphere temperature. It is shown that there is a minimum radius for a class C stellar engine to provide useful power. An optimum class C stellar engine radius allowing maximum power delivery has been identified. When our solar system is considered this optimum radius is around 450 million km. Class A and class C stellar engines make the Sun’s temperature increase and this finally has consequences for the thrust force acting on the Sun.